Friday, March 23

Disney: Day 3/Epcot

We spent Tuesday evening in Epcot. Since there isn’t a whole lot there for the kiddos, we decided to just spend an evening there.

We were quite surprised when we got there and saw all the incredibly gorgeous flowers everywhere! It was the International Flower and Garden Festival. Most of the flower statues were breathtaking!


Sorcerer Mickey welcomed us

460    461    463

The front entrance was scenes from Fantasia… they were absolutely beautiful!



We had dinner reservations in Japan, but we got there early to do a few things with the kiddos. Our first stop was at Nemo and Friends. Everyone had told us to make this a definite stop. So glad that we did.. it was great!!!

466     469


riding in our coral shell rides!

476  475  482

Toward the end of the ride, you see an actual aquarium with fish. As you get off the ride, you get off the ride, you get off in the aquarium area and can walk around. There were scuba divers in the water and even a dolphin swimming around!!

After the Nemo and Friends ride, we went into Turtle Talk with Crush. It was probably my favorite thing there! So fun!!!

Then we made a character stop to see Mickey, Minnie, and friends.

485    486




Pluto! Gray had seen Pluto at the Magic Kingdom, but LK and E had yet to see him.


Ethan had bought a Pluto pen to go with his autograph book and Pluto LOVED it!!!



504     505

My Minnie pictures got messed up! :( I guess I snapped at the same time as the Photopass photographer. Hopefully the pics on the disc will be much better!



Donald Duck!


515     516

Goofy was… well, Goofy!

After seeing the characters, Chris took off on his own to ride Mission: Space and Test Track. The kids and I made our back to Japan to get ready for dinner. On the way we saw more flowers!!

518     520



524     525

LK spotted a few dancing princesses


Japan! It was gorgeous!


532     536

We had a hibachi dinner at Teppan Edo. It was delicious!!!


Kiddo chopsticks! She did this incredibly fast!

537     538 

They had been waiting for sushi for days!

541     543



G loved the show!!



LK loved it even more!


556     557

558     560

She did a great job!


E’s favorite part… the noodles!

568     569

Unfortunately, we were still eating dinner during the evening fireworks and missed them. So, we decided to go back on another night to see them! A lot of the traffic had cleared out by the time that we were leaving, so we got to walk peacefully back to the buses.




It was fun guessing with the kiddos which area was which country. LK spotted these sweet puppies on the way back!

We had such an enjoyable evening in Epcot! The weather was perfect! Dinner was delicious! And everyone was happy and well behaved. In fact, I cant even think of a time during our trip when they were misbehaved!

The next day was spent at Hollywood Studios and it was SO much fun!!!

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