Sunday, August 19

Back To School!!

These past two weeks have flown by!! I can’t believe that August is almost over. I swear it just started and then I blinked and it’s almost gone!! Getting back into the swing of school has kept us extremely busy. LK started two weeks ago. She is SO excited about 3rd grade!

DSC_0058       DSC_0060

She is SOOO grown up!!!


Dropping Sister off!

The boys started this week, but only for a few hours at a time. I had a parent meeting on Monday morning, then on Tuesday they each went for 30 min to “meet the teacher”. They attended half days on Thursday and Friday. We (ME!) are very anxious to start going regular times this week! :)

photo 3       photo 4 (2)

His first half day! He really enjoyed his new teachers and classmates!

photo 5  photo 1 (2)  photo 1

Gray went right in and started playing!! Both boys had a really great few days!

We also started cheer this week. We had camp a few weeks ago, but practice couldn’t start until school started. Now, we’re back in full swing! Games start soon!! :)

photo 5 (2)

This year all the team names changed, so we are now the Patriots!

I managed to snap a few pics with my camera…

DSC_0001       DSC_0003

My sweet little man is growing up!

DSC_0004       DSC_0005

DSC_0010       DSC_0014

Sweet Brothers!!

DSC_0025       DSC_0040 

Of course, a new school year calls for new backpacks, lunch boxes, and lunch gear! We hit up PBO for LK’s and E’s bags, and Happi Store for Gray’s Steven Joseph tote. I ordered new bento boxes, along with labels and name tags from inchbug. Love it all!!

DSC_0028_1       DSC_0030_1

LOVE bath time!!!


Little helper!

We made an attempt this morning to get a few pics in front of the sunflowers. It lasted 10 minutes! ha! I’m going to make another attempt one evening this week at sunset. I think we’ll have MUCH better participation! ;) I managed to get two though.. yes, TWO!



Attempt #2 to follow… ha!

Chris and I have managed to have 2 dates nights the past two weekends!! That NEVER happens! Last weekend we went out to eat at Jim’s Place and then did a little shopping in Collierville. This weekend, we met up with my grandparents at the casinos and enjoyed a delicious dinner at the steakhouse!! We also played a few tables and had a great time! It’s nice to get away from the kids every now and then!


Well, hopefully the weather will stay AMAZING this week. It’s been in the 80’s all weekend! Completely unheard of in Memphis in August!!

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