Wednesday, August 8

Phone Fun!

Here’s another phone dump! Enjoy!!


My gracious.. those lashes! Mine are long, but her’s… I swear if you put a ruler under then that they’re going on an inch long! Love them! (and her!!)

IMG_2812 IMG_2824

Gray’s 1st birthday! Thank goodness for Ethan’s quick hand placement! Way to help a brother out, E! :)

 IMG_2828 IMG_2833

Love my wild boys!!!

 IMG_2845 IMG_2853

E did his very first Dulin’s baseball camp this year! He’s growing up way too fast!!! LK performed a play with Theater Memphis.. summer fun!!!

 IMG_2871 IMG_2889

HOT MESS!!!! He knows he’s trouble!!!




Our sweet friend, Laine, turned a year old!! Ms. Beth requested a birthday shirt for her. It turned out SO cute and went along with a matching tutu!


Oh, Gray Gray! This is what he likes to sneak away and surprise you with!!! I have no idea what I’m going to do with him!!


My girl and I watching the US Women’s Gymnastics!


Face Time with Daddy while he’s out of town!! I dont think Gray will ever know what a normal phone call is like!! ha!


Little happies for some special new friends!


More late night Olympic watching… we’re hooked!

 IMG_2911 IMG_2918

Lacoste Polo, JCrew critter shorts, and pigtails… TOOOOOO OLD!!!! 2nd pic – Yes, that is a PINK Minnie Mouse vacuum. Yes, my BOY loved it. Yes, it took 10min to convince Daddy to buy it. But, SOOO worth it.. look at that face!!! :)

 IMG_2935 IMG_2936

Best friends!!! Sweet puppy!

 IMG_2937 IMG_2938

Addyson spent the night with LK! Love those sweet girls!!


Leftover flowers from a diaper shower that I hosted! The house smells amazing!!



 IMG_2942 IMG_2952

1st week back to school has super hard on my little passenger!


Meredith said...

I love how sweet Huck is with Gray! I hope one day when I have kids that my dogs are the same!!! They are all adorable!

Lindsey @ The Savvy Speechie said...

Catching up wit all your pics- these all look super! Hope you guys are doing well!