Friday, August 3

Yertle The Turtle

We had a completely full schedule of summer camps this year! As hectic as it was keeping up with dates, times, and driving schedules.. the kids loved it and it was a blast!! Ethan took part in a Dulin’s baseball camp and a lacrosse camp. He loved both! I think we’ve officially given up on soccer, but lacrosse and baseball seem to be sticking! (which I love!!) We’re going to give football a try this fall.. flag football here we come!

Lilly Kate did art camp again this year, completing two paintings! She always enjoys doing that! She also decided to do a camp at Theater Memphis. We’ve never done this camp before so I wasn’t sure how it was going to be. I couldn’t have been more pleased with it though. Every single day, LK was eager to go back! At the end of the week, they performed a play for the families. It was precious!! This year, they performed two plays.. The Sneetches for the younger group and Yertle The Turtle for the older group. You can never go wrong with a Dr. Seuss choice! Here are some pics…


Noni was trying to get him to read the names and this was his reaction.. that’s Ethan for you!



DSC_0048     DSC_0054

DSC_0055     DSC_0058

DSC_0063     DSC_0070

DSC_0073     DSC_0075

DSC_0082     DSC_0085DSC_0089     DSC_0099DSC_0101     DSC_0102DSC_0119     DSC_0120DSC_0133     DSC_0135DSC_0140     DSC_0142DSC_0146     DSC_0150

They all did a WONDERFUL job!!! All the girls did a great job learning their lines and dances! We will definitely be doing this camp again in the years to come. Ethan has even asked to do it next summer!

DSC_0158       DSC_0160

DSC_0161  DSC_0162  DSC_0164

Of course you get flowers after a performance!! :)



Turtle cookies!!!

DSC_0168       DSC_0169

DSC_0174       DSC_0175

After the performances, they hosted a small reception. The kids enjoyed some snacks then playing on the front lawn.

DSC_0181  DSC_0182  DSC_0184

DSC_0189       DSC_0190

I am SOOOO proud of my little Yertle!!

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LK is so stinkin cute!! And love your necklace!!