Wednesday, August 1

Go ahead, jump! JUMP!

A few weeks before Gray’s birthday, we decided to finally give in to all the begging and buy the kids a trampoline! We had been debating for a LONG time, but ended up just giving in! They were SO excited!!!


We recruited Papa to come over and help!


Of course, Ethan was a big helper too!


Gray and LK watched from the sidelines! ha!


Yep… BIG helper!! ;)

DSC_0080       DSC_0081

They didn’t get done till after dark, so the enclosure had to wait till the next day. None the less, they had a blast getting their first bounces in!

DSC_0082       DSC_0085

Huck didn’t know what to think! Every time they would squeal, he would get so worried about them!

DSC_0087       DSC_0092

Daddy finally had to give it a try! And Huck just couldn’t contain himself any longer, he had to make sure that everyone was ok! Sweet puppy!

DSC_0098       DSC_0100

Mommy gave it a try too!!!

DSC_0103       DSC_0104

Thanks, Daddy and Papa!!!

DSC_0107       DSC_0108

As soon as Alyssa got to the house the next morning, they were all out there bouncing! Alyssa never had a trampoline growing up, so she was just as excited as the kids! It was so fun to watch them!!

DSC_0112       DSC_0114


So far, no injuries to report! Luckily, Ethan still isn’t big enough to really get high so he can’t really do much damage yet! ha! Hopefully it’ll stay that way for a while!

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