Tuesday, August 28

Happy Birthday, Aunt Lyns!

Last Friday was our sweet Aunt Lynsey’s 25th birthday!! The kiddos sent her the sweetest video of them singing he “Happy Birthday”. On Saturday, Chris and I headed downtown to celebrate with her. Her friends had planned a big party on a rooftop downtown. It was GORGEOUS!!! The weather was perfect and the views were spectacular! We had such a great time at the party!!


C and I ready for a NIGHT OUT!

DSCN0366       DSCN0367

DSCN0368       DSCN0369

DSCN0371       DSCN0372

DSCN0373  DSCN0374  DSCN0377


DSCN0381       DSCN0382



After celebrating on the rooftop for a few hours, we all headed right across the street to one of my favorite places in Memphis… Raifords!!! I LOVE RAIFORDS!! We had a BLAST! We saw a lot of people that we hadn’t seen in a long time and were out till about 2am!


My dear, sweet brother yelling at me for taking pictures! haha!! (this is a common scene every time we go out!!)

DSCN0391       DSCN0392

I have a lot of phone pics too, but I’ll have to post those later.

We had SO much fun celebrating Lynsey’s birthday!! And don’t worry.. We were both feeling it the next day!! SHE may be 25, but I surely am NOT! ha! ;)


The Smiths said...

Super cute dress!

According to Jax said...

Where did you get your dress? I love it! And the shoes! :)
I can't believe Lyndsey is only 25! I always just think everyone is our age...haha.