Monday, August 6


The past few months, Chris has been out of town for work at least 10-12 days each month. It’s been ….. interesting.. to say the least! ha! We are slowly but surely adjusting to life with one parent. Luckily, it’s been summer and we’ve just been trying to have fun and keep everyone busy. After this week though, it’s back to school and I’m anxious to see how I’m going to handle it with all the activities the kids are involved in, not to mention homework and bedtime schedules!! We manage though! :)

While Daddy’s been away, we’ve been trying to keep him updated on our happenings with daily pictures and FaceTime calls! Here’s some of the shenanigans that the kiddos have been up to :

DSC_0040       DSC_0041

I think I shared a iPhone photo of this earlier this summer, but here are the camera pics.. SOMEONE decided that he wasn’t finished with his bath and jumped back in with his older brother! New diaper, clean t-shirt, and all! ALL BY HIMSELF!!! Boy, Am I in trouble!

DSC_0044       DSC_0045

DSC_0047  DSC_0049  DSC_0050

I hear commotion in the boys’ room and walked in to find them all jumping on the bed… GRAY’S BED! Yes.. all three of them were piled in the crib jumping up and down! Gray’s face was priceless!! Little moments, I tell ya!


Hey there, handsome!


I sure do love Ethan Stickles!!!

DSC_0002       DSC_0004

So, Gray’s new favorite thing to do is to remove every single pot and pan from the cabinets and strew them all over the house. Literally.. ALL over! I’ll find pots in the living room, lids in the bathroom, pans in the bedrooms. The baby guards are useless. Baby Hulk rips them right off! ha! I’ve given up on trying to keep him out. At least he’s not messing with cleaners and chemicals, right??! ;) At least he’s building motor skills by matching the correct lids and pots!!! haha!

DSC_0199       DSC_0200

Bath time is always fun!

DSC_0249.NEF       DSC_0254.NEF

BOYS!!!! Love it!


He LOVES bouncing!!!

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The Smiths said...

Aww, great pictures. You're kids are so cute!