Tuesday, August 7

Mr. and Mrs. Stevens {Tate gets hitched!!}

Two weekends ago, my sweet friend, Candice, finally walked down the aisle! We’ve all been anxiously waiting for this special day and I couldn’t be happier for her!! Adam is wonderful and is perfect for Candice! Chris and I drove up to Nashville early Saturday morning since I had to drop some banners off at the reception hall. We made it in early in the afternoon and were able to rest up a little before heading to the church.

The ceremony was gorgeous and full of emotion. You could just see on their faces how happy they were and how much that had been looking forward to this day. And, yes, in case your wondering.. I cried! Candice looked radiant!! Her dress was incredible. It couldn’t have been more perfect!

After the ceremony, we all headed downtown to the reception. It was Cannery One near The Gulch. It was an AMAZING venue!!! Candice and her mom did a wonderful job planning everything! Everything was gorgeous!


Addyson was the Flower Girl! She did a wonderful job!!

DSCN0311       DSCN0312

Shutter shades! Mr. Stickles had a great time with them!! ha!


Jax and CV came all the way from Cinci!! SOOO happy to see her!

DSCN0314       DSCN0315 

Happy to see Zach too! Zach and the boys (Brett, Deaver, and Adam) all came up from Huntsville.


Jax and CV


I love Monroe!! (Candice’s Step-Dad)

DSCN0318       DSCN0319

A few of my favorites!! :) April looked beautiful in her dress! And for being 5mo pregnant… she was a trooper!


Love her!



Candice’s Brother, Landon! Love him (and his sweet girlfriend!!)

Candice had our favorite party band, Dr. Zarr and the Amazing FunkMonsters, come up from Memphis!! And, no doubt, they didn’t disappoint!!! They were awesome and we danced ALL night long! Once the glow sticks came out… it was a major dance party! Loved it!

DSCN0326       DSCN0329

I sure do love that handsome man!



Dr. Zarr is April’s Step-Dad! We love him!!


No party is complete without The Youngs! We just love them!!


Monroe watching all the fun from the sidelines.. he was so ready for all things wedding to be O.V.E.R! ha!

DSCN0339  DSCN0340  DSCN0341

Obviously, my husband was enjoying himself!! ha! I love April’s face in the last pic!

DSCN0342     DSCN0343     DSCN0346

I laugh every time I look at these!!! We were all a HOT MESS!



DSCN0348       DSCN0349

Like I said… Hot Mess! It was SO much fun though!


Loved getting to hang out with sweet friends, Natasha and Meg!

After the wedding, we all headed downtown to party it up with the bride and groom! We ended up staying out till 3am!! That doesn’t happen very often to this Mom and Dad! It was a great break from kiddos! We had a blast celebrating the new Mr. and Mrs. Stevens!! Congrats, Candice and Adam.. We love you!!

I couldn’t help but include a few of her bridal portraits. Monroe took these and they are wonderful!!!



tate3 tate4

She is stunning!

She had a photo booth set up… SO fun!






That banner looks awesome, huh??! ;)

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