Monday, August 13

Final Days of Summer!

This post is really just a mish mash of pictures that I found on my camera from the end of July until now. We had a wonderful summer, but I have to admit that I was ready for it to end. Not the fun.. but, I was really to be back to a good regular schedule. We are creatures of habit and schedules around our house, so we needed that! I will post some back to school pics later this week! LK has started back already, but the boys don’t start until later this week with half days.

DSC_0006.NEF     DSC_0010.NEF

Love my sweet boys!! That sweet little caterpillar has made it through both boys now!

DSC_0018.NEF       DSC_0019.NEF

This bundle of mess just makes my heart happy! Even when he’s getting himself into trouble!! :)

DSC_0030.NEF       DSC_0031.NEF

On one of Alyssa’s last days with us, she let the kids jump in soapy water on the trampoline! They had the best time!! Lys was AMAZING and I am SOOO sad that she has to leave us!! I’ve pretty much begged her to come back to us next summer! ha!

DSC_0032.NEF       DSC_0033.NEF


DSC_0035.NEF       DSC_0036.NEF

Oh Gracious… how fun does that look?!

Two weekends ago, Chris and I hosted a diaper shower for three of our favorite Dads-To-Be. Chris, Marc, and Mike have been best friends since grade school and were inseparable in high school. Their birthdays are all 10 days apart and now their babies will all be 1 month apart. We just  knew that we had to get everyone together to celebrate! We also had a gender revealment for the Caldwells!

DSC_0038       DSC_0039

Boy or Girl for Baby #3??!


And… IT’S A GIRL!!!! THREE GIRLS for the Caldwells!!! Sooo happy for our sweet friends!!


Addyson finding her PINK cupcake!!


So happy for them!

DSC_0048       DSC_0050

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics during the shower, so these are all from the next morning! :( Everything turned out really cute though!! And the food was DELISH! We catered in bbq and it was PERFECT!

DSC_0052       DSC_0054

We will now have new friends… Hyde, Hendrix, and Reese!

DSC_0053       DSC_0057

Last week, we drove out to Rosemark to have dinner at my grandparent’s house! My cousin, Benjamin, just graduated from Ole Miss Law School and is moving to Kansas with his girlfriend while he studies for the bar exam. I am going to miss having him so close!

DSC_0067       DSC_0068

We attempted to get a picture of Great Great Grandma Mae with all her grandbabies. This was as good as it got! Grandma is 98!!!


Grandma and her youngest Great Grandson.


Me and My Ben.. love him! The Grove just isn’t going to be same this year without him!

DSC_0075       DSC_0077

Ben with Grandma and Bompa

The kiddos went to Addyson’s birthday party a few weekends ago. Her grandmother rented a huge water slide for her.. it was SO fun!! I can’t believe all the kiddos are growing so fast!

DSCN0353       DSCN0355


G got to experience his first kool-aide drink! It was a hit!

Well, summer is all wrapped up! We are all headed back to school and ready for fall activities!!! We’re trying to take it easy in August b/c football and cheer is right around the corner, starting at the beginning of September! Looking forward to it!! :)

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