Monday, January 18

Big Boy "Und-e-wears"

So, this past week, we have made the BIG MOVE! Yep.. you guessed it.. Big Boy "Und-e-wears" (pronouced in your best 2yr old, lisp-ish voice)!!! Now, we still wear pullups to school and when we go out, but while we're home.. it's strictly BBU! :)

I have to say.. potty training a boy (and maybe it's not boys in general.. maybe it's just Ethan.. hmmm) is extremely difficult! LK was a breeze compared to this kid! LK hated the mess and wetness of an accident, so just decided not to have them! ha! E, on the other hand, could care less! That boy will pee all over himself and look at you like you're the weirdo who peed on himself! AHH!

The journey is FAR from over, but we're on our way! I am so proud of him!!! And it's definitely in his benefit that he looks so stinkin' cute in his dinosaur undies! ;)

So.. this week we have had a bunch of this...

Even more of this...
(dont you just love chubby baby legs?!) :)

And a WHOLE LOT of this... ha!

On another note... LK has decided that yoga is her "new thing"! This is her demostration... you can't help but love this child! :)


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Angie S said...

I can't wait to get Hayden into big boy pants, and I want some like those...they are the cutest underpants ever! I love the dinosaurs!!

Such a cutie patootie doing the yoga pose!