Sunday, January 3

Meet Emerson

Last Monday, my sweet friend Haley gave birth to her 2nd little girl. Her oldest is Gracie.. she'll be 3 in March. The new bundle of joy is little Miss Emerson. And she is precious! She's short and round and looks like the most adorable little pea pod. We had been waiting all week to be able to see her (I was just dying to hold her!) and finally got the chance on Thursday. LK immediately went in and held her. Ethan.. well, as long as she wasn't fussing, he probably didn't even notice she was there! ha! (BOYS!)
I even managed to catch my husband holding her. (He's worried he'll get the "baby cootie" haha!)

Isn't she just beautiful?! Gosh.. LOVE her!

Ethan didn't want to touch her.. just look!

Gracie is such a good big sister!

We had such a wonderful time visiting the Geabhart Ladies! Haley, your girls are beyond precious.. I am jealous! ;) And yes... in case you're wondering.. "baby fever" is at it's highest in my house right now! haha!


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