Wednesday, January 20

Play Time! ... & Bath Time!

Yesterday afternoon, we had the best time hanging out with some of our favorite friends!! My sweet friend, Haley, came over with her two girls, Gracie & Baby Emerson. And my other sweet friend, Kelley, came over with her precious little lady, Payten. So.. yes.. Ethan was the only boy! (although I dont think he was complaining one bit!) :)
the kiddos laughing at Huck running around in the backyard!

The kiddos had such a fun time playing! I think the mommys had an even more fun time gossiping chatting though! ;) And I adored getting to love on Baby Emerson! Gosh.. can we say baby fever?! ha! We loved having everyone over and hope to do it again really soon!

As everyone was getting ready to leave, we attempted to get pictures.. but you know how that goes with kids ages 3 weeks - 6 years!!

loving on baby emerson!

kelley and payten

ethan finally paid a little bit of attention to baby e!

he liked her little toes!

While everyone was over, I kept the dogs outside! I definitely didn't want them jumping all over the kids, let alone the baby. Unfortuately it rained a little yesterday.. just enough to make our backyard a mini-mudpit! So, by the time Chris got home, both dogs (mostly Huck) looked liked they had just rolled and rolled in the mud! That meant baths for both! Fortunately both of them LOVE baths!
post-bath... hasn't Huck grown SO much in a month!! WOW! We have a horse on our hands!

Sweet Huck Finn!

Pretty Miss Dixie!

this is the bath tub after their baths... G-R-O-S-S!!

Close-up! Dont worry.. I immediately took the Comet to this mess! :)

Giving them baths may be quite the chore.. but there is nothing like a clean, fresh, sweet smelling, fluffly puppy cuddling up with you afterwards! LOVE it! 2nd to a clean, fresh, prunney, baby powder smelling 2yr old & 6yr old! :)



Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

ohhhh baby emerson is just precious! i've had the baby fever since baby #1...hence why we're ttc #5! woohoo!

Candice Lynn said...

Payton looks just like Brandon!