Wednesday, January 27

Wishful Wednesday : 3 minutes ...

Wishful Wednesday

Goodness.. Kesley has a tough one today!

If you could spend 3 minutes in anyone's shoes, who's would it be?!

WOW! My brain was immediately reeling, trying to figure out who in the world I should choose. Of course, there's my children. Who wouldn't want to live the carefree life of a child again?! Esp to be able to see yourself from their eyes! Priceless! And then there's the usuals.. Oprah, the President.. and so on. But when I really got to thinking about it, I chose...

'I wish' .... I could spend three
minutes in Katie Holmes shoes!

I know.. it seems a little strange, but she sort of intrigues me! I mean, not only is she incredibly beautiful and classy, but... she's married to Tom Cruise. And let's all face it, the guy's gotten a littel wacky over the past few years! Wouldn't you just love to spend 3 minutes with that! haha!

I just think she's gorgeous. She's so demure, mysterious, classy and sleek. If I could spend 3 minutes in her shoes.. I definitely would!

The best part about her.. she is always, and I mean ALWAYS, photographed with her daughter! She seems to be the most incredible mom, so hands-on!

But to be COMPLETELY honest... the ONE person who I would most like to have spent 3 min in her shoes...

Jacqueline Kennedy!
(i didn't pick her since she's no longer living)

Talk about the ipitome of style, grace and charm! Gosh - I would have loved to have met this incredible lady!
And again... one heck of a mother!

2nd runner up... CoCo Chanel! (for obvious reasons) :)



Courtney said...

you know, i didn't even think of Katie! But she would be awesome!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

How did I forget about her too -- 3 minutes of her life would be interesting!!!!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

I want to see what a day in her shoes in like too! xx