Thursday, January 28

Can you believe it ???

Today, my sweet LK is 6 years old!! Yes, SIX! Goodness... where does the time go?

It seems like just yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital, now.. I bring her home from ELEMENTARY school every day! (insert huge sigh here) I can't believe that my baby, my sweet precious first born child, is THIS old! Although, I have to admit.. I dont know what i'm more sad about.. the fact that she's grown up too fast, or that i'm getting too old too fast! :)

This morning, her brother and I woke her up and rushed her downstairs for breakfast. Now, for those of you who know LK.. I'm sure you can imagine the attitude she gave us for this one! But, as soon as she saw the banners I had hung up, she immediately perked up! :) I had breakfast waiting and we, of course, sang "Happy Birthday" and blew out a candle on her muffin! I think she was very excited to start her day off! She was even more excited to get to school, so her class could sing to her as well! Ahh.. the days when you actually looked forward to and enjoyed your birthday! ha!

Birthday Breakfast... Blueberry & Chocolate Chip Muffins! Yumm..

getting ready to blow out her "muffin" candle!

thinking of her wish.. after she did this she asked me if I wanted to know what she wished for.. I said, "Sure!" She told me that she made a wish for her Popie, that he could see her blowing out her birthday candles in Heaven! Now, if she's not the most special girl in the world.. I dont know who is! My heart melts for her! :)

YAY for LK turning SIX!!

Now, let's all say a little prayer that Memphis does NOT seen snow and/or ice tonight through tomorrow! This momma has been handwashing china and polishing silver for 3 days now in preperation of the fanciest Fancy Nancy Tea Party of all time! There is absolutely no room in our schedule for bad weather this weekend! There WILL be a party.. rain or shine! :)



K.C. said...

Happy Birthday Lilly Kate! I'm hopeing for no snow or winter weather either...too much stuff going on!

Juliana said...

AWWW! Happy Birthday to your sweet Lilly!

Angie S said...

Happy Birthday!! I love the pic of her about to blow out the candle!! Cuteness :)

Natasha said...

Precious baby getting so big! And P.S. I love how in every picture E has little or no clothes on--boy all the way!! Good luck with the party and I can't wait to see pictures =)

Love from Texas said...

awww happy birthday to the little missy!!! and girl, you're a braver woman than i to let 6 year olds use your china... haha! but knowing you, i'm sure the party is going to be just perfectly fabulous! i'm so looking forward to pictures :)

Melissa and Cas said...

Happy Birthday to her! I bet a Tea Party Birthday will be precious! Hope the weather holds out for you! What a sweet wish she made!