Friday, January 22

Show Us Your Life : Where Do You Shop?

Today, Kelley, is hosting such a fun "Show Us Your Life"! As I'm sure most of you can tell by now... I have a slight major shopping addiction! (and yes... it's uncontrollable, so it's an addiction! ha!)

These are my faves:


J.Crew - about 99% of mine and my husband's clothing comes from J.Crew. We have a store here in Memphis, but I love to online shop from there! They hold GREAT "Final Sales" and I tend to get weekly or semi-weekly emails that there's an extra 20% off sale items! LOVE the Crew!

Next up, Banana.. if I'm not wearing J.Crew, then I'm wearing Banana.. no doubt! I just love the classic, clean lines of this brand! I'm not one for lots of colors and frills, so I just am drawn to the simplicity!
For the basics, everday stuff.. GAP! They have great prices!! (and super great sales again!) I love that I can shop at GAP and Banana (online) and put everything in one shopping cart with one shipping fee!

There are several smaller boutiques around the Memphis area where I usually get my jeans!

My husband's favorite... Vineyard Vines!

Kid's Clothes

You will more than likely see my kiddos dressed in Baby Gap! For mostly the same reasons that I buy my own clothes. I hate to see them in "overly dressed" items.. like huge flowers stiched all over their jeans! I hate that! Just give me basic colors, color blocks and maybe a basic floral design! Baby Gap always has the cutest stuff! And again, it ALWAYS goes on sale!

I also love J.Crew's Crewcuts brand! It tends to be a little more pricey, so I really pick and choose with their stuff, but it's just too stinkin cute!!!

A lot of times, on school days, you will see Ethan in Target clothes! I dont typically buy a lot of their stuff their, but when I happen to see something cute in the Clearance section, I snatch it up! They tend to have cute stuff, at a DEFINITELY reasonable price and it's usually pretty well made! PERFECT for E to wear to school, get dirty in and if he messes it up... not for me to worry about! :)

Guitly Pleasures

OK.. I dont tend to shop at these places VERY frequently b/c, well, I spend WAY too much money every time I do! But I love them just the same!

(CB always has GREAT prices.. I just go overboard! I see a price tag of $5.95 for a set, so I think I need 3 sets! haha!)

(LOVE TLON!!! Think Pottery Barn Kids but not quite as expensive!!!)

Home Furnishings

I think you all know by now about my PB obsession! ha! Just about everything in my house is from PB. Chris jokes that our living room is "page 93"! I usually do pretty good with my shopping here though! I rarely pay full price for anything! It's also VERY convient that we have an outlet in town!! (Guess where I go when I'm bored.. ha!)

Same is true for PBK! I get just about everything for the kids here! Their bedroom accents, playroom and bedroom furniture, bedding, toys.. heck, even their baby pjs! (I absolutely adore their baby clothes!)

Everyday & Random

At least once a day I am either at Target or Hobby Lobby! I just can't seem to break away. There is just always something I need at either place.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Whole Foods!!! I try to give the kids (and us - New Years Resolution) more healthy, mostly organic foods.. so Whole Foods we shop! I have to be careful though.. the price can QUICKLY add up!

Most of my everyday shopping is done at either Kroger or Costco. I like to get things that I know we use alot of in bulk.. hence, Costco. It's just more cost effecient! We definitely buy all of our meats there! Then, I divide and freeze. Works out perfectly!

I'm probably at Kroger once a day too! It's our go-to place for all the essentials and "quick runs" to the store. LOVE Kroger!!

Well, I think those are most of my faves... excited to see everyone else's!! :)



Lindsay said...

Where do you get all of your cute backgrounds?

noahandlylasmommi said...

your blog is so cute :) I love whole foods too! SO much yummy stuff!

Cody Sharene said...

Your blog is cute--love those stores too!

Kelly said...

i found your blog via Kellys Korner, I have to say I agree COMPLETELY with you! WHY WHY WHY do they try to distract from kids cute-ness with these ridiculous slogans and patches and ridiculousness on kids clothes! I hate it and I totally shop at Baby Gap for this reason...the kid is the cute one NOT the daffy duck silk screen on their shirt!
great post!