Sunday, January 10

Snow.. Snow.. Snow & The King's Birthday!

This past week, it has been absolutely freezing in Memphis! Like, we're talking single digits! In fact, schools even shut down! LK was out of school on Thursday! Poor Ethan, his school follows thier own schedule, so he was in both days! I did let him stay home with Sister on Thursday though! :) They attempted to "play" in it, but it didn't go so well! Ethan tried to slide down the slide, but when he hit the wet ground.. he was over it! LK, well... she just doesn't like snow! (never has!) So, needless to say.. we spent our "snow day" comfy and warm inside! ha! And when I say "snow".. I'm talking about the 1/10th of an inch that graced our grass! :)

see what I mean.. HATES snow!

Friday was a huge day for our house! If you know much about LK, you know how much she loves Elvis! And guess what Friday was... his birthday!! LK loves that she and Elvis have the same birth month! Last year, she even requested an "Elvis" birthday party. So.. I decided to let the kiddos bake "Cake Mix Cookies" for the big day!

Huck & Dixie were waiting paitently for someone to make an "oopsie"!

We even made some blue icing.. for the King!

The kids had a blast! Cookie decorating is always a hit!

Daddy getting a taste! :)

The kids were invited to a birthday party Saturday afternoon at Build-A-Bear! It worked out perfectly b/c it was so VERY cold outside and the kiddos were starting to get a little stir crazy. So, we bundled up and headed to the mall. We had never been to BAB for a b-day party, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I have to say that it was pretty nice though! Every child gets to pick out their own "bear" and then stuff it and bring it home!

LK and her cousin, Olivia

LK picked out the "Holly" Reindeer from Christmas. She had seen it on the commercials and had been wanting it. Ethan picked out Alvin, of course!

Sneaking some sugar from my little man. (it was nap time and he was fading fast!)

E putting the stuffing into Alvin! (i think this part may have freaked him out a bit at first!)

LK's turn!

The rest of the weekend, we just relaxed! Friday night, Chris treated me to a sushi night, but other than that, we tried not to leave tThe house too much! Hopefully it starts to warm up a little soon! Our "snow" was nothing more than a teaser! It either needs to get warmer or snow ALOT more! :)

The next few weeks are going to be full of party planning for Lilly Kate's birthday at the end of the month! We are planning a Fancy Nancy Tea Party! We even went to an antique store today to shop for old tea sets! (Yes, I am the Mom who plans to let 6 year olds use real china for a tea party... I know... I'm crazy!) :)

I hope everyone is warm wherever you are! Have a great week!


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