Friday, January 22

you know you're a mom when ....

you walk around ALL DAY long with a stain on your shirt! Smack dab in the MIDDLE of your shirt... and you dont even notice! Not until late in the afternoon/early in the evening.. after you've taken and picked up 2 kids from school (2 different schools), ran about a dozen errands AND had multiple conversations with other adults.. does your husband finally say to you,

"What's on your shirt?"

"What do you mean, what's on m.... OMG! This has been on here all day!! I bet I looked ridiculous!"

Yes.. you are officially a mother!



Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

well i guess it could have been the time my milk was leaking and i didn't have a breast pad front was soaked and i had no idea! lololol

Darlene said...

Too funny. I can totally relate. I guess we need to visit the mirror more often.