Thursday, January 7

Happy 1 Year!

So, one year ago yesterday I wrote my very first blog post. Can you believe it?! It seems like yesterday that I was just starting to figure all this out. As I started looking back over the blog entries from this past year, it's just hard to realize that it's been that long! It's true what they say... time flys when you're having fun! And I have definitely had fun over the past year getting into this "blogging world"!

Over the past year, you have watched me ...

* Start blogging!

* Celebrate my sweet girl all of a sudden going from 2...

.. to 5! Goodness.. Where did 5 years go?!

*Congratulate my grandparents on 50 years of marriage!

What an accomplishment... they just dont make marriages like that anymore! I pray that I have the type of love and commitment that they have - one can only be so lucky.

* Go through 2 surgeries with my kiddos.

Each had tubes put in. It was so hard to let go and know that they would be put under anesthesia.. but it was all for the best... ears are 100% healthy!

* Take my pretty girl to get her ears pierced!

* Find a new love for wallpaper... who knew?! :)

* Become the tooth fairy!

* Take my kiddos fishing...

and meet Mr. Bill Dance!

* Mark the 1 year anniversary of my grandfather's death..

and celebrate what would have been he and Grams 50 years together! I have never known two people who loved each other like they did. We also celebrated his 72nd birthday! Not a day goes by that we dont miss our sweet Pop!

* Visit San Francisco!

*Celebrate my baby boy turning 2 years old!

Where does the time go?! We also started potty training... which i'm pretty sure will be the death of me! AHH!

* See LK go from a ballerina princess...

... to a Soccer Star!

No worries... she has ruled out soccer for the future! She is back to dance and cheer next fall!

* Visit my best friend for her engagment party (June 6, 2010 - yay!!!) and then saw her come visit me!

* Learn that dirt really doesn't hurt!

* Learn how to sew jon jons & jumpers and make appliques!

* Adopt 2 kittens - Oliver & Max

* Send my big, bad 5 year old to Kindergarten!!

(and then have an emotional breakdown b/c she told me that she could walk herself to her classroom... and didn't need me!) And become a room mom!

* Turn 27! (way.. too.. entirely close to 30!)

* Finally take LK to Graceland..

and watch her nearly lose herself at the site of the Jungle Room... I think she had waited her entire life to see that waterfall and carpeted ceiling! ha!

* Get a new puppy, Huck! (am I crazy?!) OH, he's so adorably sweet!

* All in all try to become a better wife and mother!

This year, my goal was to spend lots of incredible quality time together.... I think we accomplished that! :)

Thank you for letting me share this year with you! I look forward to many, many more!



Darlene said...

I found your blog through Sosobella. Your family looks beautiful. Thanks for the smiles.

Natasha said...

what a GREAT year you had... here's to many more updates from the stickles!!

Love from Texas said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) Love watching those sweet little faces grow up... Keep it up!

The Laney Family said...

LOVE The Stickles blog! Great year in review! love it