Monday, August 9

20 Days later & a work in progress!

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Has it really been TWENTY days since I last blogged??! Wow! I have to apologize! I have just been up to my elbows in craziness. My excuse (not that any excuse is really all that good!) is that....


Yep, you read that right! In the last 20 days I have packed up one house and unpacked another. Not to mention, register LK for school. Like I said... craziness!

Why did we move you may ask? Was this planned? NOPE! Not really all that planned. At least not this year. Why? Well, it's all really a long complicated story about annexations, school zones and me being an overly-attention, maybe a bit obsessive mother at times! ha! I wont bore you with the details.. but, basically we decided to move, put a sign in the yard, found another house and packed up!

We moved into East Memphis #1 for a MUCH better school (and this gives us the option to hold out on private schools for another few years!) and #2 everything we do is in East Memphis! All of the kid's activities and Ethan's school are in this area. So, it will just be all around better for us! We are really excited about the move. Although, I have to say that we are downsizing.. ALOT! We are going from 4 bed, 2 1/2 bath home with dining room, eat in kitchen, playroom and extended garage to 3 bed, 2 bath home with no playroom, one eating area and no garage!!!! It's been stressful to say the least! I can't tell you how many boxes of stuff Chris has taken to Goodwill just b/c we have absolutely NO room!

So.. the last 20 days have been chaotic for sure! For any of ya'll who know me.. you know that mess and clutter is NOT my friend! It stresses me out! This is the mess I delt with while packing up the old house...

Dining room

Other side of DR table



This is while moving into the new house...

Dining Room

Living Room.. YIKES!!!! See what I mean about WAY too much stuff!!!

Other side of Living Room! OH MY!

Adjusting to a typical "East Memphis" home has been interesting! ha! I am very used to more contemporary housing, so this has been something completely new to me! I like it though. It has it's charm! :)

And here's my work in progress... (these rooms are no where near complete! I will post more pics when they are!)



and more kitchen.. you can obviously tell where all the odds n ends have been placed!

entry area

dining room

living room and front door

living room and hallway

LR and DR

since we have no playroom.. we turned this nook into their play area! it's FULL of shelving!

laundry/sewing/MOMMY's room!

So, we've had alot of late nights trying to get things unpacked and organized! I'm exhausted, stressed and just plain about to lose my mind! LIFE!

Again.. SO SO SO sorry for my blogging absense! I promise to get better! I have lots of posts planned for this week involving LK's new school (first day TODAY!!) and even more news from the Stickles house! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!



Jacqueline said...

It looks great so far! Can't wait to see it in person!!

Jodi said...

ohhh, I feel your pain. we did the exact same thing and we didn't even have any kids to move! :) If you don't mind me asking what school district did you move into? I'm already worrying about it!! :)

The LaJeunesse Family said...

Even though moving is stressful, I think it's exciting too! Schools are such a top priority so I know it's worth it. And maybe downsizing means more money in the pocket?? :) Either way, congrats!

Jenny said...

We have been thinking about doing the same thing - moving from our 4 year old Cordova home to E. Memphis. I think the charm of those houses makes up for the downsize!

natalie @ stickles family blog said...

Thanks everyone!

Jenny - that's exactly what we did!! we lived in cordova, off of macon and houston levee. we LOVE being out East!!

Jodi - we moved into the Richland school distric, off of Walnut Grove and Yates. 38120 zip. we heard such wonderful things about the school and area! it's definitely one of the only public schools left in the city that i would even consider sending my kids too. our old school distric was macon hall (shelby co) before we got annexed. macon hall is WONDERFUL! Macon Hall, Richland or Riverdale were our only public options.

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

Its looking great! I LOVE your sofa and chair where are they from?