Wednesday, August 18

Back To School - 2010

Well.. we made it through the first week of school!! I can't believe it! I know have a FIRST GRADER on my hands! :) There has definitely been some adjusting to the new school, earlier hours, new friends and teachers, UNIFORMS! .. and so on. But it's been going great so far! We are definitely looking forward to this school year and VERY optimistic about the new school. We are so happy that we made the decision to move!

The Friday before school started, Chris took a day off work and Addyson came over to play, so we headed to the CMOM! (thank goodness for memberships for 3 kids!!) We had so much fun! You can tell Chris was just absolutely thrilled about keeping up with 3 kiddos! haha! Afterwards, we took them all to McDonald's and it was just hilarious watching them all giggle at each other and play.

It was a packed car! Time for a bigger one!! ;)


getting ready

the night before, Chris went to Kroger and got her this balloon, since he'd already be gone by the time she woke up.. SO SWEET! she LOVED it!

walking up to the building.. you can tell she was nervous!

waiting to meet her new teacher!

her adorable hand-painted bow that Aunt Brittany got for her! uniform or not.. she's stylin'! ;)

i snapped this as I was leaving.. look how proper my sweet girl is sitting! made my day! :)

another day, another uniform, another bow.. ha! (these days, bows and shoes are her only form of expression.. luckily, she is stocked up on every color bow you can imagine and has the CUTEST puddle jumpers ever!!)

To make my life a little easier this year, I loaded up on all these cute lunch containers from PBK! I am in love with them. I got a bunch of the solid colored ones, but there's still a few clear containers that I want to get! They help keep their lunchboxes so organized and the food seperated and alot more clean. AND i dont have to always go buy lunch baggies at Kroger at 9pm when I realize i've run out! :) (a major plus!)

Huck is not used to the school schedule yet! He definitely misses everyone during the day and does not like when bedtime rolls around!

This marks the very first year that Ethan is in school all 5 days of the week!! He actually missed the birthday cutoff to start pre-school this year, so he's going to 2 different Mother's Day Out preschool programs. Next year, he'll start Pre-K 3 and actually do 2 full years. We're going to hold him back a year for Kindergarten, so he wont start until he's already 6. We've heard that this is alot better for boys and know alot of parents who are doing this. We definitely think it will be a major advantage for our sweet E!

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays he's going to 2nd Pres PDO from 8:45 - 2:45 and on Tuesdays and Thursdays he's at 2nd Bapt PDO with me from 9:30 - 2:30. LK is in school from 8:30 - 3:10. So, we have quite the little schedule going on! It all works out perfectly and we are loving it! It has definitely made me realize how quickly they're growing though! This is really my last year of having "babies"! After this school year, it will be "real school" for both! (ahhh... baby fever!!! haha)

So far we've had a great start to the school year! Hopefully, it will continue to go this smoothly! :) I hope everyone else with little ones did as well!


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Love from Texas said...

aww i love lilly's curly look! and we're doing the same thing with knox for school. we've heard it's good for boys for (a) the maturity factor, and (b) for sports! puts them a year ahead of the other boys in HS.

looks like y'all are settling in well. you are so good. it took me WEEKS to actually start hanging things on the walls!