Friday, August 27

April's Baby Shower

Candice FINALLY posted her pics on facebook! And let me tell you.. she didn't disappoint!!! I just knew she had some good pics.. and I was right! They are SO good! (PS - if you want to see some of April's maternity picss.. go to Candice's blog! SO SWEET!)

she sure does make my craftiness look pretty darn good! :)

Candice made this AMAZING diaper cake!!

cravings buffet

my oh-so-cute ribbon tree! and talk about EASY! i will definitley be using this for future parties and showers! :)

my husband's YUMMY ham/swiss/poppyseed rolls! i have to admit that i actually made them this time.. they were good.. just not "CHRIS" good! ha! i'll leave those up to him next time! ;)

typical LK!

sweet payten.. she LOVED the grapes!

addyson got SO many "Big Sister" gifts!!

the "I'm A Big Sister" jumper that i made for her

some of the diaper covers that i made for baby abigail.. i am IN LOVE with that ruffle!

look how excited she was the see "baby sister's" gifts!

April and Addyson

I mean.. are these 3 related or what?!

why does my face look ginormous?! wow! i guess those late night snacks need to cease.. IMMEDIATELY! ha!



Natasha said...

yall did a GREAT job natalie!!! april is very blessed with some fantastic friends... and p.s. for the ham rolls, it's ALL in the sauce--the more, the better!!

Candice Lynn said...

omg..nothing about you is big!