Wednesday, August 25

I can almost smell it....

Fall is in the air!

The past few days, we have seen MUCH cooler weather in Memphis!! Now, when I say cooler, I'm talking about low to mid-90's.. but hey, anything beats +100!

We have definitely taken advantage of this "cooler" weather and gotten outside! It's nice to actually be able to breathe minus humidity and enjoy yourself. The kids have loved getting to play in the backyard after school!

This evening, after Chris got home from work, we decided to take Huck on a walk. He's been getting so bored at home while the kids and I are gone, so he needed a little extra attention tonight. We had a great time on our walk!

you can never have a family walk without the kids getting tangled in the leash! ;)

We are SO ready for fall! The weather the past few days has really increased our anticipation!Pretty soon we'll be getting ready for football, Halloween, pumpkins and mums! I am SO excited!



Paige said...

Oh me, I know what you are talking about I live in Southern KY and am thankful to finally see those low 90's! I love fall and am so ready for it to be here!

The LaJeunesse Family said...

this weather IS amazing!!!!!