Tuesday, August 24

Top 2 Tuesday .. Biggest Indulgences

Today on Top 2 Tuesday, we're talking about our bigget indulgences! Boy... do I love indulgences! :)

{1} Shopping

I'm sure for any of you that read regularly, you know how I just love to shop! (much to my husband's dismay!) ;) I love anything from expensive shoes, to designer jeans and handbags! kate spade is my favorite - anything by kate spade.. clothes, shoes, accessories, handbags, china.. you name it! and it doesn't stop with just my stuff.. my house is full of Pottery Barn (thank goodness there's an outlet in Memphis!) and the kid's clothes are just plain ridiculous.. i am a children's boutique shopper all the way! (that's why i purchased the monogramming machine! gotta try to save money some way!) even chris' closet has tripled since we got married. shopping... a girl's best and sometimes worst friend! :)

{2} Food

When Chris and I made the decision to go organic for the kids, it doubled our grocery bill! Not only did we go organic, but we also cut out all MSG, artificial sugars, and most color dyes. Try finding a yummy cracker with no MSG.. almost impossible, I tell you! The things they put in food and then advertise for our children is just plain scary! I am definitely a label FREAK these days!! It mot definitely costs more to give our family more healthy food. But in my opinion... it's COMPLETELY worth it!!! I would rather give up a few nights a month of eating out, to be able to make sure they have healthy food!

What are you indulgences???! Head over to Taylor's blog and link up! :)



Tales of a young mamma said...

We have gone almost all organic also and it Definitely adds up- but I agree, so worth it.

Natasha said...

i sooo need to pay you to monogram stuff for me--i bet you're WAY cheaper than all the stores i have gone to!!!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Great picks! And although I don't always do it, eating organic is so worth it!! I always try to buy organic meat at the very least!