Tuesday, August 31

nap mats & more

really... just a bunch of pictures...
during our impromptu photo shoot the other night! :)

pink is DEFINITELY her color!

why hello there, chris stickles jr! i mean, could a child look any more like her dad??! ;)


obviously, raising two kids is taking it's toll on Mommy!

getting some love from her puppy!

lately they've been crazy about Peter Pan.. this is their "pirate fight"!

nap mat #1

last night Ethan got really dirty while coloring (with markers that i didn't know he had), so chris put him in the shower with him. a few minutes into it, i heard chris calling me... THIS is what i found! apparently E threw a fit b/c he didn't want the water to get in his eyes... Daddy came to the rescue! HILARIOUS!

the goggles are now hanging in our shower ready for next time! BOYS! haha!

E trying out nap mat #2.. ON the dining room table!

some of the adorable madras that i got at Hancock the other night! i can not wait to make jon jon's and jumpers!!! SO CUTE!

Ok.. random, I know! I hope everyone is having a good week!


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