Tuesday, July 14

we're tiny, we're toony, we're all a little looney . .

So.. do you remember the old Baby Looney Tunes?! Do you remember the character of Elmyra Duff.. the little girl who used to squeeze all her kittens nearly to death with love?! Well, my friends, THAT is Ethan!! Don't get me wrong.. he LOVES the kittens. So much so, that he gets so excited to see them, that he forgets the meaning of gentle! Poor things! I feel so sorry for them. But I think they're used to him now and just let him do whatever he pleases. Every time I see him holding one of them upside down by a foot though, all I can picture is the little Looney Tunes girl! And all I can hear is her high-pitched voice saying, "I'm going to hug you and squeeze you and just love you forever!" haha! :) I mean, look at the michief written all over that face!

"Oliver, say HI to Mommy!"


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Candice Lynn said...

O.M.G. look how happy he is to be holding that kitty!

p.s. I thought those were OUTSIDE kitties?? =)