Saturday, July 25

Lazy Saturday Afternoon . . .

Guess what I did today . . . . .

YEP! I sewed my very first jon-jon for Ethan!!! I am SOOO excited! If there's one thing I love, it's little boys in jon-jons! And believe me... my bank account has paid the price! (literally!) I decided that they couldn't be that hard to make though, right?! I mean, I've sewed things before... I could do it! So.. I found a pattern online and ordered.. and then it sat by my sewing machine for months. I just couldn't get brave enough to try it! Luckily, this week, I found some plain ole white material at Hob Lob for $1.30/yrd! I figured for a total of $3 that I could give it a try and even if it turned out horribly I wouldn't be upset. So, I called up "Mama Paula" (the seamstress of all seamstresses) and got some great tips! And wouldn't you know... SUCCESS!! I mean, it's FAR from perfect and I have LOTS of practicing to do before E can wear a "mommy creation" in public... but I did it and all things considered.. it looks great!! (and Chris is more than thrilled that jon-jons are now in the $10 range instead of the $30 range!!)

We also headed over to Macy's for their huge clearance sale this weekend... we hit the JACKPOT!!

First on the list was LK's pink flamingo sheets!! She was dying for them! So, with the sale discount and my extra discount for putting them on my Macy's card... they were a total of $17! She absolutely loves them and they look adorable in her room!

Next on the list was Mommy and Daddy's bed... we were in desperate need of new pillows and sheets. Luckily we found the Ralph Lauren pillows marked down to $9.99! (plus an extra 10% off with my M.C.) Next, I just happen to find the perfect sheets in the Clearance Section. 700 thread count sheets marked down to 79.99(from $180!) and wouldn't you believe it... clearance got an additional 40% off!!! UNBELIEVEABLE!! (and yes... they're polka dotted!!) :)

So, for a total of about $80 we got 4 pillows and two sets of sheets! What a great deal!! Next sale... bathroom towels!! Oh, how I am dying for new towels! I think little boys and husbands just magically do something to towels to make them forever smell! Really, I think they do! So... towels.. here I come!

I hope everyone had a great Saturday!


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