Friday, July 17

The Friday Five

So, I'm going to be starting a few new segments on the blog in the next week or so! I think they're going to be really fun and add a little spice to the site. To get things started off, here is The Friday Five ... five things that just really annoyed me this week! My chance to just let off a little steam and give my opinion. Sometimes, you just gotta speak your mind! So, enjoy my Friday Five!

Do you ever see those people who are constantly on their cell phones and refuse to get off them? You know the ones who stand in the check out line, or the line to order food, or the waiting area in a restaurant and DO NOT get off the phone. They can barely even do the task that they're in the establishment to do b/c they're on the phone! Not only are they on the phone and causing the hard-at-work employee grief, but they insist on joining everyone else in line or waiting, in on their conversation by talking as loud as they possibly can! Talk about just enough to make me burst sometimes! I'll be honest.. I am in a hurry about 90% of the time.. I'm always running late. So, when I'm in line somewhere, I need everyone to do their part to make things run as smoothly as possible. THESE people just get in my way! They hold things up and make things difficult, which in return makes me that much more behind schedule! Seriously... just GET OFF the phone!!!

It really gets on my nerves when people just can not be happy for others. They refuse to let others enjoy life. Why can't we all just be grateful for the things that we have and be happy for others and the things that they have? I'm not talking about material things.. just the basics.. home, family, life, love, happiness. I can honestly say that I'm happy for everyone I know and the good things going on in their lives, and I just wish some people would be just as happy for me. Instead, I'm judged for my seemingly "perfect" life (which is FAR from perfect.. trust me!)! I have to hide the things in life that make me and my family happy. That's just no way to live.. and not the type of friends I want to have, if you ask me! I am happy. I am loved. And I love. If you dont like it, GET OVER IT. Find out what is missing from you life and fix it! If you dont like something about your life, then change it! It's quite simple, really!

I have no idea what day garbage pick up is in my neighborhood. For almost a year now, it's been on Wednesday. Over the July 4th holiday, it just got all messed up. For the past few weeks now, the entire neighboorhod sits out their trash on Tuesday night and then it just sits there for days until the garbagemen decide to come pick it up. One week they came on a Friday, last week it was on Thursday... seriously.. is it really that hard to schedule ONE day to come and pick it up. I guess it is! So.. I'm left with days of seeing peoples trash on the curb all around my neighborhood. Attactrive, huh?! (that's the city of memphis for ya!)

Don't you just hate when you rush like a crazy woman to get to an appointment ON TIME only to sit in the waiting room for almost an hour?! Really... what's the point of even scheduling apointment times then? Very, very frustrating!... especially to an on-the-go mom with a way overbooked schedule! This just annoys me x10 when the appointment isn't even for me or one of the kids, but for a KITTEN who won't eat! (well, at least $80 -yes, an annoying $80- later.. he's eating!)

Speaking of Kitten health... why is there no "" for animals?! Our kittens were not eating, so in an effort to save a little money, I thought I would search online and try to solve the problem myself. Boy, was I wrong! I could not find a single website that would give me an answer! I guess I was just expecting a plain jane ole website with ailments and answers. Bottom line, no wesbite was found, I couldn't play Veternarian Stickles for the day, and we ended up having to spend the money on the kittens! What an ordeal!

So... I shared my Friday Five.. what pet peeves did you have this week?


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love from texas said...

what a great way to let off some "steam"! although i think mine would have to be the Friday 15- ha! and i'd say you need some pet health insurance. $80 is more than knox's pedi appointments!