Wednesday, July 29

TLG: Take 2

Last night was The Little Gym and we were so excited that Memaw could join us! If you've ever met my mom, you know that she a 5 foot-nothing, huge ball of energy!! (that's putting it midly!) So, E and Memaw were two peas in a pod at gym class. I can't tell you who had more fun.. and who was more exhausted! E was super excited about last night's class b/c it was "sports day"!! As soon as he saw the soccer balls, footballs and basketball hoop, his eyes lit up!! We had so much fun!! Thanks for joining in on all the fun, Memaw!

practicing sit-ups!
our fave.. forward rolls!
Our favorite TLG friend, Addyson, doing a backflip over the "hot dog"!
Miss Emily decided to get the sticks out... DANGEROUS! (E loved them!)
Kicking the soccer ball with Memaw!
E doing a flip over the "donut"! (this was a huge hit with the kiddos!)
walking the beam..
a BACK-flip over the donut!
tossing the football!
throwing Miss Emily a pass!
Miss Addy shooting a basket!
E's turn..
How adorable is she?! Love her!



love from texas said...

your mom looks like she's having almost as much fun as e... they are both so cute here!

Anonymous said...

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