Monday, July 20

Not Me . . .

Today I am going to participate in MckMama's "Not Me Monday". Enjoy!!! (gotta love a Monday!)

{1} I did not skip out on my running schedule (in only week ONE) to instead go to Chili’s and eat a huge bacon cheeseburger and a drink a gallon of coke!! And I certainly did not also enjoy a half order of texas cheese fries too! There is no way I would already be neglecting my running training… no way! (but I bet it would have absolutely delicious had i eaten it!)

{2} I would never let my TWO year old son play with my VB card holder which contains my license and debit card.. no I would never do that! I certainly understand the importance of those two items, so I would always keep them far from where his little hands can reach. And since I would never allow this to happen, this is NO way he could have lost these two items! Nope.. not me! And since he didn’t lose them, then I certainly did not spend a week searching for my missing debit card all over the upstairs of my house! And I certainly did not have to go to Target and WRITE A CHECK, b/c I forgot about my missing debit card until all 500 of my items were scanned! There is absolutely no way I would ever let this happen!

{3} Speaking of searching for debit cards…. I most certainly DID NOT play in Photoshop while my sweet, sweet hubby searched Ethan’s entire room for MY card! No, I am WAY more thoughtful than that.. way more!

{4} I am certainly not the Mom who forgot her children’s lunches and did not realize it until we were unloading everyone from the car... at the school! No.. I am completely and totally way more organized than that! I mean, come on.. I am super mom.. I have got it together!.. didn't you know?! (lots of sarcasm!) And I certainly would not have called my husband to tell him to bring them to the school, since he was still at home with the lunches! No.. I would have just gone to the store and quickly gathered up what they needed and have done it all myself!

{5} I did not leave in the middle of LK’s cheerleading practice to drive over to J.Crew and Banana for a little “me time” shopping! I definitely sat there quietly for an hour like all the other wonderful mothers! (but I would have found some incredible deals.. if I had!)

{6} I most certainly did not allow my FIVE year old daughter give me a celebrity gossip update after she apparently watched Access Hollywood without my knowledge! I would have simply explained to her that we shouldn't stick our noses in other people's business and she shouldn't allow herself to become enthralled with such gossip at such a young age! I would have definitely not listed at all! However, if i had listed to her, she would have been able to give me the up-to-date on Jon Gosslin's new girlfriend and their coffee stop caught on film! And she would have also been able to give me all the details of Michael Jackson's funeral and will proceedings! She would have also sang a little bit of Thriller for us! ... that is.. only if I had!... which, of course, I did not!



love from texas said...

ahaha! send LK my why and we will NOT (ahem) read People and Us Weekly together ;) she sounds like too much fun these days!!

Candice Lynn said...

love it! I am so glad you and Jessica are doing this now. I love them.