Wednesday, July 22

The Little Gym

As summer was about to get underway, I knew that E and LK would need some kind of activity. I knew that they would need something to keep them busy and that was a good outlet for all that extra energy! Since dance was over for the summer and soccer didn't start till August, we had a little bit of extra time on our hands. So, I looked into The Little Gym in Germantown. I signed Ethan up for Mommy & Me gymnastics and Lilly Kate is taking a cheerleading class. Both of the kids absolutely LOVE their fun classes! As the summer session is coming to an end, I thought it would be fun to let the grandparents in on a little bit of the excitment, so I invited Memaw and Noni & Brittany to Ethan's class. Noni and Brittany came last night and had a blast with our little "Beast" Ethan! We love The Little Gym! :)

practicing "hand stands"
forward rolls!
bouncing on the air track!
forward rolls on the air track
he was SOOO excited that Noni came!
uneven bars! (yes, he has Hercules upper body strength!)
he LOVES the rings!

Here's some videos of all the fun!


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