Tuesday, July 7

Let's hear it for the boy. . .

That's right... Ethan is officially a swimming machine! He is a fish in the water! He started the summer clinched tight to whoever was closest to him. And now.. back off.. he "can do it myself, mommy!" :) The swimmies are gone and I can barely keep a "life jacket of sorts" on him for safety. He just jumps right in! The "life jacket of sorts" you see below comes with about 9 "pads" on each side. Basically, when all "pads" are in the jacket.. it's a like a regular life jacket with flotation support. But as the children learn to swim you remove them one at a time, until there's no support (although they think there is.. that's the point!) Well, Ethan is down to one on each side and swimming all on his own! He is such a big boy!! :)

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