Friday, July 24

the bug's are a'buggin!

Today, I am skipping my "Friday Five" because, in all honesty, I just haven't really been anywhere this week to get annoyed with anything! ha! I started my week with a 3-day long migraine and ended it sick with the kiddos. So... I'll pick back up with my "Friday Five" next week!! (and I might even do TEN to make up for this week!)
This past week the kiddos had a stomach bug running rampant through their school, and of course, we caught it! It's been G-R-O-S-S!! So... this is what we did ALL.DAY.YESTERDAY!! Poor babies.. they were just having an awful day! Mommy gave in and let them watch Handy Manny in the living room though! :)

And I was able to get smiles (of sorts) from them for a slipt second!

So, I think we're just going to take it easy this weekend and enjoy the quite-ness before school and fall activities picks up in a few weeks! And I DEFINITELY want to catch up on my "Southern Belles: Louisville"!!! Unfotunately I caught the series half way through, so I have LOTS of catching up to do! Last night was the Season Finalle and I have it TIVO'd waiting for a quiet "Me" moment this weekend!! I'm sooo excited! :)


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here we go again said...

your kids are adorable! looks like they had a fantastic time today!