Monday, July 6

Fireworks, Friends & Fabulous Finds!

What a weekend!! We absolutely LOVE the 4th of July in our family and this year was no different! :)


Friday night we met up with the Geabhart Family and headed into Bartlett to watch the fireworks show. We brought blankets, lawn chairs and snacks and just let the kids run around and play. They had a blast! The fireworks were loud and "big ones" (as ethan called them!). Thanks to the Geabhart's for such a wonderful time!

Everyone say "CHEESE!"

Miss G and her firefly catchers!

Haley and Gracie Geabhart

Ethan found dirt!

Awww... smooches!
(dont let him fool you.. he's just like his daddy, so you know he loved this!)


Meet Oliver and Max!

LK has been asking for a kitten for a while now. Chris doesn't like cats.. so, he wouldn't give in! Well one day last week while we were walking around the neighborhood, we say 3 little kittens (they had their mittens!) on someone's doorstep. We didn't know if they were strays or not, so we asked the homeowners. Lilly, of course, fell in love! Chris gave in and said that if they were strays we could take them home! YAY!! (so we thought!) Unfortunately, they belonged to the homeowners and LK was heartbroken! After that we kept seeing signs for free kittens everywhere we went. We just felt so bad for Lilly and decided to call one of the numbers that we saw. So, we called and they had two brothers left. Well, we couldn't leave one behind all by himself! So.. Lilly Kate is now the proud "Mommy" of Oliver (black & white) and Max (gray & white)! Chris only let us get them on the condition that they live in the garage. Oliver is a bit timid still but Max is fiesty and a ball of energy. They'll be a perfect fit in our home! And no, Dixie has NOT met the newest additions!! :)


Saturday afternoon I was a bit bored, so I convinced Chris to take me to the PB Outlet. (you know.. my home away from home!) I have decided that the kids need better organization in their playroom, so I wanted to see what shelving they had. Well, I didn't see any furniture that i just had to have BUT i did find these super fun things for their playroom!! And only $14!! LOVE it! We still have not painted this room, but now I am dying to paint it! We still have a giant paper roll for arts & crafts to hang up and I have another craft table coming! Yep.. paint is a must! This room is now my latest projct. Here's a few pictures of my fabulous finds and hopefully soon I'll be able to post a pictures of a freshly painted, organized shelving, craft table playing play room! :)

giant magnetic tree for hanging art work!
Ginormous Binoculars!


Chris & April said...

I love that tree!

Caroline said...

I made Fred take me to PB Outlet yesterday. They didn't have what I was looking for, but I did buy a platter. :)

Russ, Anna and Pepper said...

those are some really, really great pictures of the fam!!!!