Monday, July 13

Date Night!

What an amazing weekend!!! I'll be honest.. we didn't do much, but it was great! Lately, we've been so busy, that it was so nice just to take things at a slow pace and enjoy it all! Saturday, the 4 of us ran a few errands, nothing big. And Sunday, I convinced Chris that we needed to clean out the garage. With our newest residents in the garage, it needed to be straightened up and organized! It didn't take us long, and the kittens love their new playspace! Chris and I did manage to give the kids to Noni and Papa Saturday night so that Mommy and Daddy could have a date night. I can't even remember the last time Chris and I got out without the kiddos. It was amazing!! We headed downtown to Rendevous and enjoyed some absolutely delicious ribs and BBQ nachos! YUMMY!! You can never go wrong with BBQ and Beer! (rather, pinot, in my case!) :)

BTW.. Born To Run: Week 1 begins tonight.. that is, if the rain will ever stop!!! So.. say a little prayer for me! :)

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