Monday, February 1

What A BIG Day!

I think LK's birthday turned out to be pretty wonderful! She really seemed to enjoy herself. I picked her up from school and she was wearing the cutest "Happy Birthday" crown and every teacher I saw just commented on how adorable she was in her crown. (of course, LK just ate up all the attention! ha!)

When we got home, LK went to take her after-school nap. So, Ethan and I got busy making cookies! He loved getting to help!

When Daddy got home, he had the sweetest surprise for his girl. He stopped and got her lillies! So, he and E went up to wake her up!

(as you can tell.. she not the happiest person in the world when she wakes up! ha!)

her mood quickly changed though when she got her birthday gift!! BITTY BABY!!

She was so excited about Bitty Baby (who she named "Anna") and her flowers! And she was even more excited to find out that school was canceled for the next day!! (more on that later!)


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