Thursday, February 4

crafty friends!

Ok.. I have to dedicate a full post to some of my amazing friends!! Lately, we've all just become, well.. "MOMS", and learned to be crafty! ha!

First up, is my sweet friend Adair. Adair and I are sorority sisters from Ole Miss. Just before Christmas, she ordered some Christmas cards from me, so instead of her paying me money, we did a swap! She has the CUTEST monograms!!! Yesterday I received my first package, all of Ethan's stuff! It is all just to die for! I am in love with it all! Adair, you are incredibly talented and I can not wait to order more from you!!

Ethan immediately put this baseball shirt on as soon as he saw it! :)

You can obviously tell that he liked it! ha!

Longalls! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! I can not wait to get them on him! :)

more shirts...

She is sending another package soon with shirts for LK! I am just giddy with anticipation of what hers will look like! I know they'll be gorgeous! :)

Next up, my friend April! April and I have been friends since high school and I probably couldn't make it through my week without talking to her at least once or twice via email! :) She is brand new to the SAHM world and is loving it so far! For LK's birthday, she made the most adorable dress! I am dying for the weather to warm up a bit so she can wear it! I am definitely having her make a few more of these for spring & summer!

Last, but definitely not least, my sweet friend, Haley! I've shared some of Haley's appliques in the past, but I've never shared her painting. For Christmas she did the most adorable ornaments and now she's doing stools and art trays. I had her do art trays for my kiddos for Valentine's Day! They came out perfect!!!

I know the kids are going to be so excited when they see these!! Sorry for the poor quality of these pics! I had to copy them off her FB page.. ha! I'll try to get better ones once I get them home!!

Ok.. so all of these girls would be more than happy to make stuff for ya'll too!! I liked to all their blog pages, so contact them or me if you're interested! :)



The Laney Family said...

thank you natalie! i am so glad that you like it all....on another note...thank you for including me in the "mom" category...means a lot- that is, after all, the only reason I am learning to do all of this! :)

Love from Texas said...

i did that whale for knox. it's the cutest and i LOVE it in plaid!!!

Candice Lynn said...

my friends are so talented!

miss you all