Sunday, February 14

Fancy Nancy Tea & Story Time

We didn't do much at all Friday or Friday night, however, watching the Olympics was really fun! I always look forward to the Olympics and it was more than entertaining to watch Ethan re-enact the ski jumpers!

After spending all day Friday recovering from the bug, we were more than ready to get out and about on Saturday! Luckily, we had plans to meet up with LK's friend Anna-Claire, her mom Courtney and her GiGi, Ms. Paula. We had heard through the grapevine a few weeks ago that Davis Kidd Booksellers was having a "hush hush" Fancy Nancy Story Time! Of course, we immediately bought our tickets and made plans to get the girls together! So, we woke up early Saturday morning and started getting dressed up!

As you can see, Frenchy required her own purse! OH BOY!

It was SUCH a fun event! The girls began with decorating cookies with PINK icing (as if anything else would have been acceptable..ha!), then moved on to making a Valentine's Day craft. After craft and cookie time, it was story time! Following story time, the girl participated in a parade. It was just adorable to see all the little girls dressed up! I think AC and LK had a ball!

We were so excited that Miranda and her little sister Loren were also there! Miranda is one of LK's classmates and she also goes to church with AC! What a small world! The three of them just loved being all together!

giving a little sass...

Story Time!

practicing their princess wave!

the girls walking in their parade! (doing their princess wave!)

getting their "Tea".. (pink lemonade)

Courtney and Anna-Claire

all the girls...

After we left Davis Kidd, we headed to McDonald's to treat the girls to lunch! The girls insisted that they sit at their own BIG girl table, while us Moms and Grandmas sat at a different table. This day, in part, was a make-up day for the girls because Anna-Claire was unable to make it to LK's birthday party due to the icy roads a few weeks ago. So, she was sure to bring along LK's birthday gift! LK LOVED it!! It was several Fancy Nancy book along with a Fancy Nancy puzzle and some extra glittery lotion, body spray and lip gloss!

We had such a fun time with Anna-Claire, Courney, Ms. Paula, Memaw and GooGoo! We are definitely looking forward to another girl's day very soon! :)


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