Friday, February 12

V-Day Parties!

Well, today the kiddos and I are stuck at home with what appears to be a stomach bug! It is definitely not enjoyable at all! :( It's definitely not turning out to be a romantic valentine's weekend.. that's for sure! ha! At least the kids got to celebrate Valentine's Day yesterday at school. Both of them had their parties!

Lilly Kate's class got to make a V-Day craft and then have sundaes! They all seemed to just have so much fun! Although, who wouldn't have fun eating ice cream at school! ;)

Yummy sundaes!

Of course, they got to decorate tissue boxes for all their valentines from friends!
LK's turned out super cute! Didn't you just love V-Day at school?!

Hopefully we'll start feeling better soon! LK and I have a tea date with Fancy Nancy in the morning and I am hoping to get grown-up time with my husband at some point this weekend! :) There is just no time on the schedule for stomach bugs!! (and to be quite honest... I am sick of changing stinky pull ups! - potty training goes right out the window with stomach bugs!) :(



Angie S said...

We are stuck at home due to snowy weather day, so Layla missed her party :(

Hopefully they will have it Monday.

I hope you guys feel better real soon!

Nicole said...

How cute! I have a surprise for you on my blog!

Natasha said...

LK's box was adorable, like I had any doubts with you as her crafty Mom!! =)