Sunday, February 7

OH NO ... she's the BIG 5-O!

What a night!!! My sweet mom turned a YOUNG 50 years old on Sunday! We had been telling her for weeks that a birthday party was going to be at my house that day. Little did she know that we had a surprise party in the works! I was convinced that she was going to find out. I am a terribly liar (probably not the worst problem in the world to have.. ha!) and I talk to my mom at least once a day! I mean, eventually I was going to crack! I didn't though.. and no one else did! She was SOOO surprised!! We were able to get so many of her friends there, including old high school friends. I dont think I've ever seen her so happy! I am sure she had the best 50th Birthday!!

blowing out 50 candles! (or at least 1 candle that said "50"!)

dancing with her sweet husband!

Mom and most of her girlfriends! (most of the ladies have been friends for over 25 years!)

The husbands & sons! (again - friends for over 30 years!)

dancing the night away...

The Kessler Family - Joe, Lynn, Terri, JoAnn, David Jr

Mom's amazing co-workers ... Kathy & Paula

Nathan's sweet friends - they love Mom like she's their own! :)

My sister & I

more dancing... she didn't sit down all night long!

even I apparently thought dancing was a good idea.. and, of course, my husband was so kind to catch it on camera.. ha! that's what a few jack & cokes will do, i guess?! :)

brothers & sisters

i LOVE this man!

poor william ... he couldn't even make it to the men's room before she caught him for a dance! :)

What a fun night! Happy Birthday, Mom!

After we left Mom's party, we headed into Cordova to meet up with friends at a new club that just opened recently. Chris and I hardly ever get the chance to stay out all night long, so we were looking forward to it. And boy did we take advantage of our night out! I can't even remember the last time we were out till the wee hours! I felt 20 years old again! ha! (oh... life pre-babies! haha!) The new club was actually really nice (besides the NINE DOLLAR drinks! YIKES!) and the band was awesome. They played a fun mix of 80's, 90's and of course recent dj hits! I haven't danced that much in ages! Not to mention that it was basically a high school reunion! It's hard NOT to have a good time with old friends! :) My feet were so sore the next day, but it was definitely worth it! Let's just say that only 4 hours of sleep made for a very interesting Sunday! ha!

Wow! I will probably need at least a month to recover! haha! Being old is tough! ;)

The highlight of the night.. my own personal show... Gosh, do I love my sister and my husband!


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