Tuesday, February 2

Fancy Nancy Tea Party: LK's 6th Birthday!

Even with the icy weather conditions that came in on Friday, we still had LK's tea party on Saturday morning. Really, just because the girl was in tears by Friday afternoon in fear that her party would be canceled. She's been anxiously awaiting this party since Christmas! So, between LK crying and the other little girls being upset that they might not get to go.. the party went on! Luckily, most of the little girls and family members were able to brave the streets and make it! Although, we definitely missed the ones who weren't able to!

I was up till about midnight finishing the last of the decorating and was awake again at 3am to start baking! I was able to send Chris to Kroger early Saturday morning to get scones, muffins and turnovers - I was SO glad that I didn't have to make those! He also went and picked up LK's Petite Fours! They were absolutely gorgeous!! I am so happy we chose to get them instead of a cake! Perfect for a tea party!

Everyone started arriving around 11:30 and it was just adorable to watch all the little girls come inside in their dress up clothes! We made everything as fancy as we could, and of course had pink everywhere in site!

The food was delicious! We had Quiche Lorraine, Tea Biscuits w/ Jellies, Cucumber Dill Toasties, fruit, chicken salad on crossaints and chicken salad on apples. As well as the pastries Chris picked up! It was all just so yummy! My sweet grandmother even handed down her silver trays to me a little early, so I could use them for the party! :)

I made menu cards for all the food items!

The cutest petite fours!!

Sweet Miss G!

The girl's table! We pulled out Great Great Grandma Luttrell's china and Great Grandma Kessler's Crystal Goblets! It was just adorable! And so sweet that we could have a little bit of all the Grandma's with us!

Each little girl also had their very own place card!

The cake pops in the center are from Bakerella's recipe! They were absolutely DELISH! (and super easy to make!)

My sweet birthday girl with Bitty Baby!

Haley and precious Emerson

the purse station! each girl got to pick out fun accessories and make a purse!

LK loves holding sweet baby Emmy

switching shoes! such "girls" already! :)

Tea Time!

She loves her Fancy Nancy backpack from Aunt Britt!

April did such a good job on this dress!!! I have the most crafty friends! I love it! :)

opening her Elivs pictures from Memaw! She was so excited!!

making purses!

Bitty now has the perfect place!


You can definitely tell that I was going on about 3 hours of sleep! ha! It was all worth it though.. my sweet girl had a wonderful party! :)

Just a warning, there will probably be about 3 most post with party pics! haha!



Candice Lynn said...

I am so sad I missed this party! =( It looks like so much fun...even for a big girl :)

Lilly is so lucky to have you as a mom!

love you

Melissa and Cas said...

What a cute party! I love all the decor and I bet the little girls had so much fun! I love LK's outfit! Looks like she had a Happy Birthday!