Tuesday, February 2

An Icy Mess!

On Friday, the winter weather that is always predicted but never hits, FINALLY hit! Although, it wasn't the pretty snow we were wanting! Instead it was just a 2inch sheet of ice covering everything! The weather started coming in around 9 Friday morning. Schools were canceled early that morning. Luckily, Chris' work had already told him to stay home, so we bundled the kiddos up and made a quick run to Kroger for last minute goodies!

It actually turned out to be probably the most eventful trip to Kroger we've ever taken! As were bustling through the aisles, with all the other 200ppl who decided to make a "Kroger Run", LK spotted her favorite Food Network star! Yep, we were sharing our aisle with Mr. Pat Neeley himself! Now, you may think that I'm over exaggerating about The Neeley's being LK's favorite, but trust me.. they are! She even does the "Sprinkle Fairy" at home!! She LOVES The Neeley's!!

So, we saw him around the store a few more times, with LK getting more and more star struck each time. When we finally got to the checkout lane, guess who was right in front of us.. Pat! So, of course, LK was just staring him down, dying to go talk to him! I told her that she could, but she was too timid to do it on her own. Well, I guess he saw her, so he walked right up to her! I asked him if he wouldn't mind if she said hello, and he didn't mind at all! I have to say.. he was the nicest man! He bent down and spoke to her, he even told her Happy Birthday! :) He then picked her up and let me take their picture!! Lilly Kate could barely say a word! ha! (and this child is NEVER speachless...)

We are so lucky that we went to Kroger when we did, b/c the weather got really bad as the afternoon went on. We ended up having quite the icy mess on our hands! We definitley stayed indoors and kept warm!
On Sunday, we finally made it outside to "play"! The kid's were definitely disappointed when they discovered that it wasn't fun snow! :( They only stayed out for about 10 minutes!

The dogs definitely didn't know what to think of all the ice! Especially Huck.. he did not like it at all!

By Sunday afternoon, the roads were starting to clear up a bit, so we ventured to the mall for a little shopping! Everyone was definitely wound up from being stuck at home for two days!

Schools were closed again Monday, but by Monday afternoon, with temps in the mid-40s, just about everything was melted! So, back to school today!! :) Hopefully, the next time we get "winter weather" it's actually SNOW and not ice! :)


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