Monday, February 22

Hello Sunshine!

Gosh - what a MOST needed break in wintry weather this past weekend!!! Saturday was absolutely gorgeous with highs almost to the 60's! We definitely took advantage of the warmer weather and headed outside!

Chris and I managed to get out in the garden and start preparing for spring! :) We weeded, trimmed bushes and got the soil ready for new pretty flowers and new mulch! We also got the garage cleaned out and re-organized. That definitely makes for a happy wife! ha!

After dinner, we all headed down the street to the neighborhood park! The kids had a ball! I didn't realize how much energy they had stored up! They ran and played for about an hour, till dark! We even took their scooters so we could walk around the path.

Sunday, after church, we headed to Corky's for lunch! YUM! Definitely a family favorite! :) Just after lunch, the rain started moving in, so the kid's went down for a nap, Chris got to work on changing my oil & brakes and I got to finish my project from last week! ..........
(drumroll, please).....


(pronouced CHAW-LEE and LOW-LAH - in your best British accent!)

If you have kids around the 5-6 age, I'm sure you remember this Brother and Sister duo from Playhouse Disney...

Charlie and Lola.. the best brother/sister team ever! Lola was a little ball of energy always getting herself into trouble while Big Brother Charlie was always bailing her out! :) LK LOVED this show!!

Although the roles are a little reversed in our house! ha! :)

When LK saw these, she immediately wanted to name them C & L. Good thing Ethan liked it too! :) Yes, they took FOREVER to make!!! But aren't they so dang cute?!

Of course, Miss Lola HAD to have pearls! :)

and Mr. Charlie wouldn't be complete without a necktie! (we'll see how long THAT stays.. ha!)

And thank you to Southern Butter for showing these on her blog (that's where the picture I showed you on Friday came from!). Her's were just so cute that I had to try them for myself! :)

So, needless to say, our weekend was great! Nice and relaxing! :) I hope yours was too!


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