Friday, February 19

Hodge Podge

Goodness.. this has just been the longest week! It's definitely been "one of THOSE weeks"! ha!

We started Monday off with no school for President's Day. I mean, really?! These kids have missed enough school because of snow and ice already! Was it really necessary to miss Monday?? UGH!

The weather was YET AGAIN snowy and super cold on Monday! I'm beginning to hate it! The last time I checked, I lived in Tennessee NOT New York! I didn't sign up for this much snow! Dont get me wrong... it's pretty! But when you have to drag two kids around in it..! Luckily we have ended the week with extremely beautiful days! The sun has been out and the temps have been above 40! Woo Hoo! It's even 50 today! :) Hopefully it'll stay nice through the weekend so we can get some stuff done around the house. I noticed that garage is in quite the mess and the back door is covered with mud from the dogs. All the ice that melted created a mud pit by the back gate and of course the labs have had a field day playing in it!

Among other things, the Olympics have kept me up entirely too late every night this week! I just can't turn them off! I have to say that Shaun White completely amazed me!! How does he do that?! So, of course, since I've been up late watching the Olympics.. that means that mornings have been a little rough! ha! LK has barely made it to school on time all week! OOPS! ;) We are all promising to do better next week!

LK is still getting birthday gifts! No wonder this child acts so spoiled! :) Miss Candice sent her Frenchy.. Fancy Nancy's puppy! So, now we take Bitty Baby and Frenchy everywhere.we.go! Dont you just love little girls and their dolls?! :) Since the weather has been so crummy, we've been stuck inside. That calls for alot of crafts, coloring, games, books and puzzles! I was so proud of LK. The other night she put this 100 piece puzzle together all by herslef! It was an adorable puzzle.. complete with glitter! :)

I snapped this pic of Ethan at school the other day! Ms. Katherine said that he refused to take his nap and finally fell asleep right at 2 o'clock. This was at 2:20! Hilarious!

Last night I finally tried my hand at making my Great Grandma Mae's Old South Banana Pudding! I've been scared to try it b/c her's is just so delish and I didn't want to ruin it! But, I've been craving it.. so, I called my grandmother for the recipe! Surprisingly, it was pretty good! Definitely NOT Grandma Mae's (i think she left out the secret ingredient.. ha!) but good none the less! After making this, I decided that I definitely need a large footed triffle dish. It just isn't the same without the triffle dish! I couldn't layer it up the way I wanted! So.. I'm definitely putting that on my "Mother's Day" list! ha!

Yes - as far as I'm concerned you ONLY use Vanilla Waffers for Banana Pudding!

I've also been up to my eyeballs in notecard orders this week! But everything is looking SO cute!! I also decided to start another project (what am I thinking?!). I'm not finished yet, but I'll give you a sneak peek....

Stay tuned! :)
One last thing - CONGRATS are in order for my sweet friend April! Sometime around October 4th, she and her sweet family will welcome Baby #2 into the world!! Yay for precious Addyson becoming a Big Sister!! :)

In one day I found out that two close friends are expecting!! That makes 3 in one week with Jessica's annoucement! Your are definitely NOT helping the baby fever, ladies.. NOT.AT.ALL! haha! :)

*sorry for the poor quality of the pics.. all I seemed to have handy this week was the iPhone! :(*



The Byingtons said...

Hmm, I have no idea what your new project might be but it sure looks cute & interesting!

Love from Texas said...

sock monkies, maybe? well whatever it is i'm sure it's gonna be cute!

K.C. said...

That banana pudding looks wonderful!!! Quick Question, what is the name of the brown color on your walls? I'm looking for a color like that for my dining room. Just curious!