Monday, February 8

Snow Day!

Well.. 2 snow/ice days within two weeks!! This is something Memphis NEVER sees! Completely unheard of! I have lived here my entire life and can promise you that! The kids are definitely loving it though! The best part is that this it actually was snow and not just a sheet of ice! There was no school today and they've already called school off for tomorrow too! B/C you know, barely an inch here in the South results in an immediate state of emergency! ;) I didn't even know snow was in our forcast until I woke up at 5:30 with a phone call from LK's school informing me it was canceled. It was then I looked out the window to a winter wonderland! What a nice surprise! :)

Our day started slow.. everyone slept in and did a whole lot of this..

The dogs didn't know what to think! They definitely liked the snow MUCH better than the ice! Huck ran around in the backyard for at least an hour! He was having a ball!

Of course, sitting around inside the house didn't last too long with my kids! They were itching to get busy doing something, so we bundled them up and headed outside!

Much to our surprise it really wasn't freezing outside, so the kiddos actually enjoyed playing in all the snow! Usually we're only out for about 5 minutes and they've had enough, so it was nice to watch them play! Of course, since we only see snow... oh... once every 5 years.. ha!.. it took us a while to get our snowman started! ;) LK was determined though!

Ethan LOVED throwing snowballs!!

and we have a SNOWMAN!!! (the Memphis flags were NOT my idea!) :)

An amazing day!!! Hopefully some of the snow will stick around for some more frolicking tomorrow! :)


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Angie S said...

Fun fun looks like ya'll had a ball!! I love all the fun snow pics.

It is so cold here, if it is gonna be this cold I want some snow too!!!

Hopefully Thursday we will get some white stuff!

Have fun and stay warm:)