Thursday, January 27

Baby OH Baby!!

So lately I've been getting into "baby mode".. it's about time, right??! ha! I guess I've really just been waiting until we find out the sex to really start buying things. In the past week or two though, I've really been stressing out focusing on trying to find a few must-have baby items! We're down to 4 weeks until we found out the sex, so I want to be prepared to be able to SHOP IMMEDIATELY!!! haha!! :) Unfortunately, we saved NOTHING from when LK and E were babies, so we are literally starting from scratch! Luckily, since I've done this a few times already, I know what I will use and what's just a waste of money.

I haven't decided on much.. but here's what I have decided on...

First things first.. Bedding!

Of course, we moved to East Memphis a mere 3.5 months before I found out that I was pregnant! Go figure! So, that means that the kiddos will have to share a room until we're able to move (AFFORD!) to a bigger house in this area! I'm very picky about which part of East Memphis I will live in, so that makes it a little difficult (and pricey! ha!).

If we have a Baby Sister, then I LOVE this bedding!!! I'll need something to coordinate with LK's "big girl" bedding and the colors in this bedding match perfectly! Luckily, we still have a white crib!! (about the only thing we kept from the other babies! ha!)

If we have a baby brother, then I'm actually going to juse use Ethan's baby bedding. I still have it. This pic above is his current big boy bedding and the pic below is what his crib bedding looks like (except not SO blue!! it's a little more muted and matches the blue in the big boy bedding) So.. other than some new crib sheets we're set! (IF it's a boy! ha!) I still have E's dark wood bed too!!

Next up... Baby Gear!

I've decided to get a pack & play with #3 even though I really didn't use one with the first two. Mainly b/c I dont think I'm going to put a changing table in the room. Especially if it's a girl... there will be NO room for a changing table and all of LK's existing stuff. So, I needed a pack & play with a bassinet/changing table attachment! (I used a bassinet with LK and E.. I LOVED it!!) I really like the one above.

I am going to need one of the above strollers. After having two kids, you realize that the travel systems are just a big ole pain in the rear! (to put it nicely! ha!) So.. I've decided on just a simple Graco infant seat (and the MOST ADORABLE cover on Etsy!!!) and one of these! Simple!

I still have our Maclaren Volo strollers, but I'll need a quest for in between the infant seat and the volo.. I like the ones below.. (and yes, they come in boy colors too!)


And let us not forget the beloved diaper bag!! I've already picked out my new Vera pattern for baby and am DYING for the Kate below.... Be still my heart!! And.. that's about it!!! I still can't decide on a swing or bouncy seat. I think they're all just terrible! I even went to Target tonight to look around and NOTHING! So.. I'm just going to hold off till closer to July and maybe, HOPEFULLY, they'll come out with some cuter stuff!

And, of course, I have my eye on some adorable outfits and sweet toys. All those facebook sales are just killing me b/c I am just itching to buy something but just my luck, I'd buy it and then find out that we're having the opposite sex! ha! So... I'm trying to be patient, no matter what my gut (and my mom!) are telling me! ;) I will definitely keep ya'll up to date on all things baby though!!

*On a side note - Thank you for all the sweet comments about the new blog look! I actually did it all myself! Thank goodness for photoshop (and for my husband for buying it for me! ha!). It definitely makes blog/computer creativity so much easier and much more fun! And now that I have my "big mama" camera, I LOVE downloading actions and editing in PS! Ya'll are too sweet to me! :) *


The Lindsey Family said...

Everything you listed above for baby you can get at Kidstown for a very reasonable price and most times hardly ever used. The sale is in two week. Check out the website. You can get a first time mommy pass if you have never shop with them before to shop early.

Love from Texas said...

Sounds like things are getting exciting at your house! I love that diaper bag and completely agree with your list... I live by my snap-n-go stroller, and will live by my Mac once Hadley's out of her carrier.

Oh and I love your new look!

Holly said...

I love that girl bedding you picked. I had that as one of my top two if Carter man were a girl. I knew he was a boy, though, all along. I also really REALLY like that blue color in the background of that bedding. I like a blue room for a girl. I may just keep Carter's blue nursery even if we ever have a girl!

The Byingtons said...

It cracks me up how you and my sister always have such similar taste! She has the girl bedding you posted for her new baby...and the room is blue like that one too!! It looks SO cute. Hope you are doing well and feeling well! Can't wait to find out what #3 will be!!