Tuesday, January 25

Sweet Notes from the Stickles House

Well, I decided to go for a new blog look! I figured with all the changes going on that we needed an update! So.... hope you like it!! I still have some things to spruce up (like our sidebar pics!) but it's a work in progress. :)

It's snowing again here in Memphis... I dont know about the rest of you Memphians, but I am SICK of snow!!! It's pretty to look at, dont get me wrong.. but my kids dont really enjoy playing in the wet mess that we usually get and it completely messes up our plans! So... please snow.. GO AWAY!!!

We are gearing up for Miss LK's birthday this weekend! Her big day is Friday, so we plan on treating her to a hibachi dinner (her fave!). Then on Saturday we have a BIG surprise in store for her!!! I can NOT believe that my baby is going to be 7!! Where in the world have SEVEN years gone??! It has definitely been the most seven rewarding years of my life! That girl is my entire world!! (well.. her brother too.. but you know what I mean about the first child!!) ;)



Ben and Emily said...

Love the new look! (who did you use?)

I agree about the snow. I love it...but wish it would come back in a couple of weeks. We need some time in between our snow days!!

Neely said...

Love the new look!!!

natalie @ stickles family blog said...

thank ladies!!!

emily - i actually did it myself! :)

Ben and Emily said...

Well...if you're up for the challenge, mine needs a "new look"!