Sunday, January 30

Our BIG weekend begins...

Wow!! What a weekend!! The time period from Thanksgiving till the end of January always seems like a whirwind with holidays, parties and of course, LK's birthday! Unfortunately, this year I was just not 100%, so the usual big party/celebration was not an option. Luckily, Lilly was ok with that! (i told her that I would make it up to her next year! ha!) So.. we tried to make the best out of it and do something super fun for her. Needless to say... I AM EXHAUSTED!!!

Chris and I actually started the weekend off on Thursday night. One of his Christmas gifts was tickets to go see Huey Lewis.. one of his favorite performers (Back To The Future is one of his top fave movies of all time!). So, Thursday night I actually put make up on(this doesn't happen on a daily basis these days! ha!), got dressed up and headed to the concert. And thank goodness for the opportunity to go get my eyebrows done earlier in the day!!!! It's amazing how something so small can make you feel like a brand new person! AHHH... AMAZING! The show was so good! We were even able to hang out with our friends, Matt and Rachel Young, and had a great time! Not even the growing baby bump could get in the way of having a good time! :) We were out until afer midnight and Friday morning came WAY too early!! It was a little difficult getting everyone out of bed for school and for me to make lunches.. oh, the life of a mom! ;) (it was completely worth it though!!! we had a blast!)

After school, the kiddos snacked on the leftover cupcakes that LK had taken to school. Then, they relaxed for a bit before we got ready for dinner!

E was so excited to wish his sister a very Happy Birthday!!

The Birthday Girl!!

Friday night, we had a family dinner at Osaka! Both kids really enjoy sushi and we knew they'd love to eat at the hibachi table... and we were right!! They had a ball!

Unfortunately, LK was starting to pick up a bit of a cold, so she wasn't her usual self. :(

E definitely enjoyed himself!

He was imitating the chef! hilarious!!

see what i mean??! he LOVED it!!

The food was DELISH!

I will be SO glad when this pregnancy is over!! I have been craving sushi like crazy!!!

They sang Happy Birthday to LK!!! She was so embarrased at first but then just ate it up!

We had so much fun!! Dinner was absolutely yummy and the kiddos loved the show! I think LK had a fabulous birthday dinner. They've already asked to go back!!

Little did LK know the surprise that was in store for her the next day.....


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