Wednesday, January 12

snow... Snow.. SNOW!!!

Well, Monday turned out to be quite the day!! Memphis was forcasted to get snow... little did we know that it would be snow.. and snow.. and more snow!! We ended up with about 4-5 inches in East Memphis. What a snow day!!! The kids were so excited to get a day out of school and had even more fun playing in it. Luckily, Chris got to stay home too, so he was able to get out and play with them.

We knew on Sunday that we were forcasted to get some winter weather, so we made a quick Kroger trip, started a fire in the fireplace and then hibernated in the house for the next few days. We all enjoyed this little blast of winter! :)

Even though I couldn't get out and play in the snow, I put my zoom lens on and snapped some pics from the dining room window! (Thank goodness Santa brought me a new camera.. it took FABULOUS pics!!!) There are TONS of pics below.. but all so fun! ENJOY!

Huck LOVED the snow!!!

look at that face!! LOVE it!!

We had a blast!!! Today, we are just trying to stay warm!! The temperature is in the teens with windchills below zero... FREEZING!!! I hope everyone is staying warm! :)


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Jenny said...

Your pictures turned out so good! We have loved the snow too... my lab, Bogey, just goes crazy in it!