Tuesday, January 18

sometimes you just need a little R & R!

We haven't really done anything much for the past few weeks.. really just relaxing! We spent last weekend celebrating Baby Emerson's First Birthday. Haley hosted a "Winter Onederland" party and it was sweet to see all the kiddos playing together. After that, LK and E went to spend the night with my mom while Chris and I enjoyed a night out! Well... sort of.. ha! I ended up meeting Candice and April at Bahama Breeze for some yummy jerk shrimp (no Bahamaritas for me this time!!) while Chris and April's husband Chris hung out at the Caldwell's with Addyson and Abigail. After dinner we went back to Chris and April's where the guys were and all hung out for a while. We also played a game of Scattergories that was VERY entertaining!! Let's just say that alcohol and lack of sleep can lead to quite interesting answers!! ha! It was so nice to have a night out with the girls... we had ALOT of catching up to do! On Sunday, we geared up for the snow that came! (which we had tons of fun playing in!!)

We spent most of last week all bundled up at home. Unfortunately city schools were back in session on Tuesday, so that meant that we all went back to school and teaching. I was home again on Thursday though with a sick kiddo and Ethan has been sick most of the weekend. This weather is just too much for his poor sinuses to handle. (he gets that from me!! i think i've had a consistent sinus headache for DAYS!!) LK spent the night with Chris' parents on Saturday while Ethan stayed home to try to get better. She enjoyed a dinner out with Noni and Papa for some yummy mexican. (which she LOVED!!!) We didn't do much of anything. I was able to clean out the kid's rooms and ended up with two HUGE garbage bags full of stuff for Goodwill.. clothes, toys.. you name it! I'm starting to feel a little better and my nesting phase is setting in. I think Goodwill will be seeing alot of more of me in the months to come!

Hopefully I'll have a more interesting post coming soon! ha! We are gearing up for LK's SEVENTH birthday at the end of the month.. I can NOT believe that my baby is going to be SEVEN!!!! It just doesn't seem real! Hopefully, I can make it through her birthday without losing my sanity in the process. My energy level is still not quite 100%.

Well, I hope everyone is having a great week! I'm hoping to get a weekly bump post up soon, but it may have to wait till tomorrow!


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