Monday, January 31

... the rest of LK's BIG weekend!!

We got up Saturday morning to LK consistently asking when she could have her birthday gift. I was trying to hold her off as long as possible. Around 10:30 we headed to the Wolfchase area and she FINALLY got her surprise!!

Me and My Birthday Girl!

Her big surprise was that her best friend, Bailey, was spending the day and night with her!!! They haven't seen each other since last school year! So, that was a HUGE deal!! I think they hugged each other for a good 10 minutes before saying a word! It was precious!

LK just couldn't believe it!

B just couldn't resist letting LK open her gifts! She bought LK a matching purse, notebook, BFF t-shirt and necklace.

How sweet is that??!!!
Our gift to LK this year was an entire day of shopping!!! She LOVED it!! I think we were at the mall for at least 3 hours and they continuously shopped.

Two peas in a pod, I tell you!

After we got home, we had family and close friends come over for cupakes. While we were gone, Chris and E picked up some snacks and Muddy's cupcakes.

E trying to blow LK's candles out! She was NOT happy!!


She got lots of goodies for her birthday! She is so excited to use her bowling gift card and her Sweet and Sassy mani/pedi card!

She also got a new keyboard from Goo Goo!!

Addy LOVED the cupcakes!! I think she ate at least 5 of them!

Mom got her baby fix with sweet Abigail!

The girls got to play dress up with Addy...

Isn't she gorgeous???!!! ;)

We had a great evening. Marc, April and Chris stayed late into the evening visiting. The girls played and watched movies all night. Unfortunately, LK ended up falling asleep and Bailey decided she wanted to go home. It was the first sleepover for both girls, so we were pretty certain that it was going to happen! She held out till almost 11, so I was excited that she was able to stay that long! I know that they had a great time and that LK really enjoyed her birthday!!

Then came Sunday... which turned out to quite eventful! Sometime Saturday I realized that I was missing one of my pendants that Chris had bought me. I was devestated, but didn't say anything b/c I was determined to search for it and find it!!

I was missing my diamond palm tree from Bailey's similar to the one above!

So, Sunday morning I got up and started searching. I ended up completely emptying out my closet and bathroom selves and going through everything. I took down all of my purse bags and went through all of them... NOTHING! I was on the verge of tears! And so upset to tell Chris that I had lost a $600 necklace!!! I just knew that he'd be upset with me. Finally, I broke down and told him. Luckily, he was not upset and was going to help me keep looking for it. He suggested that I ask LK, so I did.. not really thinking that she'd know where it was. Well, guess what... SHE DID!!! She took right to where it was!!! It somehow ended up in my makeup drawers!! No idea how that happened... I'm guess that a little 3 yr old had something to do with that! ha! So... necklace is safe and sound around my neck and I dont think I'll be taking it off anytime soon! (and i'm also pretty sure we need to get it added with my rings to the insurance policy! ha!) WHEW! Disaster adverted!!! There was about to be a pregnant woman with heart pains admitted to the hospital! ;)

The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning up from the party, grocery shopping and relaxing (recovering) from the weekend! We were all beyond exhausted!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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Ben and Emily said...

What a sweet surprise for LK! It looks like they're forever friends!

Glad she had a wonderful birthday!